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Whether you use Chlorine, Baquacil, salt or any other maintenance, we have the products for you. We also offer free water testing to further assist you in purchasing and using the necessary support products to balance your water chemistry. Stop in today for a free water assessment and let us help you!


Frequently used maintenance chemicals

Proteam offers granulated chlorine or tablets available in 1" or 3".

Baquacil is a three-step sanitizing system used as a non-chlorine sanitizer.

The first step is sanitizer and algistat.

The second step is Oxidizer, and the third is CDX.

Pristine Blue is a multi-step sanitizing system with lower concentrations of chlorine.

Frequently used support products

Proteam PhosAway is a highly concentrated formula to remove Phosphates. Dosages dependent upon levels of Phosphates.

Proteam Polyquat 30 and Polyquat 60 are formulas of different concentrations to remove live Algae. Dosage and strength dependent upon the amount of algae.

SeaKlear Chitosan Carifier is a formula used to clear cloudy water quickly & continue to clear water. Dosage dependent upon volume of pool.

Download a Chemistry Log

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Keeping track of your tests will help treat your pool in the future and prevents large chemical issues by encouraging regular maintenance.

We have new products in our store!

Pool life NST extended release chlorine tablets available in 10 lbs and 20 lbs

NST chlorine tablets offer extended release of hypochlorite with 0% cyanuric acid.

"Always a great place to get advice for your pool and decent prices on chemicals. Personal service goes a long way"

We offer a variety of other sanitizing systems and support products. All chemicals are dependent upon pool volume and current conditions of the pool.

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