Available services

Whether it's a pool cleaning, opening or a repair, Etcheson Spa & Pool is dedicated to helping you.


In store services include water testing, chemical sales, and replacement of parts (dependent upon part item)


Ready to have fun in your pool and need it opened? Etcheson Spa & Pool Inc can open it for you! Scheduling available in advance for the spring season, call us today!


Closings are also available for pools during the fall, and can be made in advance.


Pool cleaning services can be offered weekly or bi-weekly. Included in the cleaning are: vacuuming, skimming, inserting pool chemicals, scrubbing of walls and back-washing if necessary. Available through the spring to fall. Schedule with us today!


Looking to purchase a new pool or spa? Etcheson Spa And Pool has you covered! We offer consultations and estimates; Stop on in today and check out our literature on pools and view an Aspen Spa!


Repair services can be scheduled in advance to fix accessories such as pumps, filters, and heaters. Service calls do require an appointment, so book with us today!

We proudly accept:

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